Frequently Asked Questions


#1. Do you have a mobile app?
We do not currently have a mobile app that needs to be installed.  Instead, we have designed so it automatically adjusts itself when viewed on a mobile/tablet device, to provide the optimal experience.  Simply go to in your device's browser, and you are all set!

#2. Can I make an item private?
Sure!  Simply edit the item, and uncheck all of your groups.  An item that is not part of any group wish lists will automatically be private, and only you can see it.

#3. I have a suggestion... do you want to hear it?
Yes we do!  We are always looking to improve giftYou, and would love to hear what you think of it.  Send us any ideas or feedback to:


#1. Can I add a wish list or registry for a child (or any other dependent)?
You can add children and other dependents to your account, and can create and manage wish lists and registries for them.  Click here to add a dependent.

Non-profits, Charities and Organizations

#1. Can I setup a wish list for an organization?
Absolutely!  You can manage wish lists for any organization that you add to your account.  Click here to add an organization.

Teachers and Classrooms

#1. Can I setup a wish list for a classroom?
Teachers (or room parents) can manage a classroom wish list for needed and frequently used school supplies.  Add the classroom to your account, and you can setup a wish list for it.  Click here to add a classroom.

Have any other questions?  Contact us at: