Ms. Alyssa's K-2 Classroom - Wish List

"Thank you for looking at our classroom wish list. Any help and support is much appreciated!"
Bright Color & Easy-Wipe: We have 8 colors including red/pink/green/yellow/black/blue/orange/puple. You want white board markers that provide consistent writing quality, but don't want to leave smears and stains on your whiteboard. That's why our dry erase marker is made with an easy-wipe formula that'll leave your whiteboard looking as good as new.

Safe & Low-Odor: Our dry erase makers uses the best safe dry erase in all of our dry erase products. Safe, low-odor, smear-proof and quick-drying makes it safe for all uses, even for kids!

Perfect for Your Creative Job: Our set of whiteboard markers are sized perfectly for natural hand grips that allows for comfort to draw and brainstorm for long periods of time. Artist quality markers, its perfect for all uses: executives, teachers, kids, students at either at home, work, classrooms, school or office.

Super Value Pack: Package included 10 pcs fine point markers and 8 assorted dry erase color. Each one has a huge magnetic dry eraser. Simply place the tube on your desk or hang on a wall for easy and quick access. Everything you need at your fingertips!

Never Be Wrong with The Marker: No-questions-asked, no hassle returns. If for any reason you are unsatisfied (we promise you won’t be!), please contact us. Let's get this nice dry erase markers.
Any other brands are welcome!
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Readers are presented with basic science facts as they read this series about four school friends who create video reports for a class assignment.
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This hi-lo series uses fascinating facts about animals to introduce life-science vocabulary and concepts, including traits, inheritance, and the survival value of animal behaviors.
Lexile: 450-480
Traveling on wheels, on water, or in the air can be pretty cool. Find out what it takes to drive a race car, ride through the back country, restore an old car, get behind the wheel of a semi truck, or fly over the water.
Would love to have a classroom set of any of these readers.
This oversized compass is perfect for teaching a class when using a whiteboard or chalkboard.

Legs measure 17 inches long and can hold markers or chalk with ease.

The compass is made from durable plastic which allows it to handle numerous drops and years of use in the class setting.

The rubber pad within the joint helps to lock the compass in place to ensure accuracy while drawing.
Any other brands are welcome! I do use a traditional chalkboard so its helpful if the compass can be used for both white board and with chalk.